Brighten Up Your Day With a Song From the Zombie Musical Anna and the Apocalypse

Sure, this holiday season will bring Aquamen, Bumblebees, and flying nannies. But only one movie will have singing, zombies, and high school kids, all set at Christmas. That movie is Anna and the Apocalypse—and finally, after over a year of waiting for the movie’s release, you can now see one of its musical numbers in…

Riverdale's Musical Episode Was Absolutely Incredible and You Can Listen to the Full Soundtrack Here

Holy blood-soaked nightgown, Batman! Riverdale’s musical episode had no right to be that good... but it was! If you were counting down the minutes to when you could start learning the Carrie-inspired tunes yourself, you’re in luck—the entire soundtrack is available to listen to for free right now.

Our First Look at Riverdale's Take on Carrie: The Musical Is as Fabulous as You'd Dreamed

Riverdale is a show that delights in going for it so thoroughly, I am pretty sure the dictionary definition of “go for it” just comes with a picture of the cast’s CW-perfect faces stapled to it at this point. The gang’s take on Carrie: The Musical in this week’s special all-singing, all-dancing episode is no exception.

Anna and the Apocalypse is the High School Christmas Zombie Musical of Your Dreams

Anna and the Apocalypse is a high school zombie musical set at Christmas. Which, obviously, sounds awesome. It sounds so awesome though, you’re probably thinking there’s no way it could love up to that expectation. But I’m happy to reveal that Anna and the Apocalypse lives up to your expectations and then some. It’s…

There's Actually a Reason to Like Gaston in the New Beauty and the Beast

In the original Beauty and the Beast, the reason everyone loves Gaston is basically because he’s “hot.” (I put that in quotes because a real-life person with those proportions would be TERRIFYING.) But Luke Evans says there’s more to the good-looking villain in the new live-action adaptation than what was on screen in…