Exactly 63 years ago today, the Melbourne Argus became the first newspaper to print in full color. The Argus wrote, “Here’s a picture that makes news–and newspaper history, too.” And as noted in a State Victoria Library post, “The front page banner was printed in garish alternate blue and red block letters, which

In its quest to develop cheaper products people might be more inclined to buy, The New York Times is launching yet another bite-size subscription, NYT Opinion. For $1.50 a week, you'll get access to just the opinion section, columnists and a few related extras.

Next week, the struggling New York Times will launch a new app with content tailored for a "mobile audience." Called NYT Now, it'll cost $8 per month for non-subscribers. Additionally, a new Times Premiere plan with more content will cost (!) $45 per month—without print. Both seem a little pricey for what they are,

Is it beyond the bounds of reason, in view of our recent progress, to imagine that the day is coming when, by touching a button on some convenient part of our anatomy, we may get in tune with a central wireless, typeless, inkless, pulpless, paperless, newsless distributing agency that will telepathically convey to us