With Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Finally Gave Us a Post-Credit Scene That Really Matters

Marvel Studios has revolutionized the way we watch movies in a particularly weird way—a decade ago, most people left the theater the moment the credits began rolling. Now, swathes of moviegoers diligently sit through all the credits, hoping to see a little something extra. Marvel’s latest film Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel's Kevin Feige Thought Only Comic Book Nerds Would Stay for Post-Credits Scenes

Whenever the credits roll on a movie showing these days, you’ve probably noticed that while some people get up and leave, a lot—perhaps even yourself among them—stay put. Whether it’s Marvel, DC, or any other big franchise, audiences have been trained to wait for a little snippet at the very end. Marvel Studios head…

Marvel's New Nick Fury Comic Is the Perfect Blueprint for a Black James Bond Movie

Nick Fury Jr., the biracial son of the original Nick Fury, has always been blessed with his father’s superhuman slow-aging and Samuel L. Jackson’s good looks. In his brand-new ongoing series written by James Robinson and penciled by ACO, though, the younger Fury does something that neither of his “fathers” has managed…