Steve Rogers Reveals a Shocking Secret Weapon in the Newest Issue of Secret Empire

Over the course of Secret Empire, we’ve seen Stevil Rogers toy and play with the heroes of the Marvel Universe—from corrupting the Avengers, to wielding Mjolnir for his own. In his rise to dictatorship Steve has done all he can to twist his old life into a tool of Hydra... and now he’s planning to do it with the…

Jane Foster Is Teaming Up With the Odinson and the New Ultimate Thor for a Thor-some Adventure

There are a lot of people connected to the Thor mythology floating around in Marvel comics right now. There’s Jane Foster, the current God of Thunder. There’s the Odinson, the former Thor. And there’s a mysterious new “War Thor,” the new wielder of the Ultimate Universe’s Mjolnir. And they’re about to team up.