The Left Coast Lifter sits docked in Hudson Harbor after its trip through the Panama Canal, coming to New York from San Francisco. Nearly 30 stories tall and able to lift up to 1,900 tons, the Left Coast Lifter now waits for construction work on The New NY Bridge to begin. [Photo by Nicholas Stango]

Joel Huerta, wearing his brother's NYPD Auxiliary vest, heads back to his own apartment after clearing the local florist's walk; there, he will continue to clear a path in what has become one of New York City's more snow-filled winters. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Originally built as a supersonic strategic bomber for delivering nuclear strikes on Moscow, the B-1B Lancer has played a variety of roles for the Air Force in its nearly 30 years of service. And thanks to a newly upgraded cockpit—including four multi-function color displays and a modernized Fully Integrated Data Link

Construction workers use custom-cut wood paneling as a mold for pouring concrete as they re-side an underpass of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.