Mondo's First Ghostbusters Poster Ever Is Coming to San Diego Comic-Con 

Go into the archive on Mondo’s website and search “Ghostbusters.” Incredibly, no posters come up—which seems impossible, considering the company has been making movie posters based on basically every single property there is for over a decade. That’s about to change. Today, io9 is excited to reveal Mondo’s first …

The Original Jaws Poster Is Getting the Limited Edition Version It Rightfully Deserves

There are some great, great posters out there for Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. But really, nothing can touch the original. Roger Kastel’s iconic, terrifying image of a giant shark about to eat a swimmer has captivated the world since 1975, and continues to be the most recognizable (and sought after) image of the film.

The Avatars of Ready Player One Invade Classic Movie Posters of the Past

In the world of Ready Player One, pop culture homage is everything—sometimes to a fault, depending on who you talk to. But Warner Bros. is leaning into that with its marketing for the film. Case in point, the studio has recreated a collection of classic movie posters for the film, using the characters’ avatars instead…

I Waited 31 Hours and All I Got Was This Beautiful Painting

No joke. I waited 31 hours to buy a painting. The above painting, in fact, of an X-Wing fighter. But when I started waiting, I didn’t know this was what I was going to buy. I just knew I wanted to buy... something. It’s the result of a sick and twisted obsession that I’ve documented before, but never quite like this.