In Maxwell's Demons, A 10-Year-Old Kid Witnesses the Darkest Corners of the Universe

What kid hasn‚Äôt imagined finding a secret door that leads to an adventure-filled multiverse? In Vault Comics‚Äô Maxwell‚Äôs Demons, the titular hero is smart enough to actually build the tools to really go on those adventures. But the cosmos is a big place, filled with joy and horror in equal measure‚ÄĒas poor Max finds out.

A Look Inside Calexit, the Comic That Imagines California's Secession From a Fascist US

In the wake of the election of a near-fascist US president, what happens when one of the country’s most liberal, most economically powerful states decides to cut all ties from the union? That’s the premise of Black Mask Studio’s provocative new series Calexit, and we’ve got an exclusive look at the disturbing picture…

Victor LaValle Talks About the Power of Grief in Destroyer, His Modern Comic Book Sequel to the Original Frankenstein

Victor LaValle’s Destroyer tells a very different continuation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: the story of a mother resurrecting her son, taken from her in a tragic police shooting. It’s a story that blends modern political discourse around institutional racism with classic horror, and a human tale of grief and loss,…