Ask Acclaimed Writer Margaret Atwood About Her New Superhero Comic, Her Novels, and More

Although she often notes her work isn’t science fiction, we love the worlds that Margaret Atwood creates in her novels—and now she’s created a whole new superheroic one that’s a total delight in her very first comic book, Angel Catbird. Want to know more? Margaret Atwood will answer your questions right here!

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It’s hard to believe now, but Tetris had everything going against it when it was first created. Dreamed up in a country weighed down with bureaucracy and largely walled off from the outside world, Tetris shouldn’t have become the worldwide phenomenon it became. A new book goes into painstaking detail about how the…

Chat With io9's Comics Staff About Civil War II, DC's Rebirth, and More!

It’s a crazy time for comics—summer events are kicking off all over the show, and there are new series starting practically every week at publishers big and small. Confused about something going on in comics right now? Ask us what our favorite series is? If you’ve got a comic question, we’re here to answer it.