Scientists Just Built the Most Precise Clock Ever to Help Understand Our Crazy Universe

How accurate a clock do you really need, honestly? You’ll still probably show up late to parties and dial exactly three minutes late into every scheduled phone call. But scientists creating ultra-precise new atomic clocks don’t really have you in mind. Instead, they’re using wild physics to understand mysteries of the…

Scientists Just Observed an Effect of Gravity on Tiny Particles For the First Time

Bad news: Humans will probably never explore the area around a black hole, at least while you’re alive. That’s mostly because most black holes are too far away, and even if we could travel to them, it’s unlikely we’d survive their gravitational pull. That means that if we want to study the wacky effects extreme…


There's No Cloning in Quantum Mechanics, So the Star Trek Transporter Really Is a Suicide Box

Remember last week’s video about the trouble with Star Trek’s transporter (a.k.a. a “suicide box”) by CGP Grey, delving into whether the teleported version of yourself would really be, well, you? Henry Reich of Minute Physics has posted a video response with his own resolution to the logical paradox.