The Confederate States of America Is an Alt-History Political Satire That’s Impossible to Laugh at Now

In CSA: The Confederate States of America, the American empire that emerges after the South wins the Civil War builds the Cotton Curtain, a wall meant to keep a bordering nation out of the CSA’s affairs. The twist here is that the wall is on the Canadian border, because the neighboring country wants the CSA to end…

Marvel's Black Panther Has Been Fighting White Supremacists For Decades and He's Not About To Stop

Black Panther & The Crew became one of Marvel’s most important comics the moment the series first went to print. But given the recent public displays of hatred and terrorism here in the US from self-identified white supremacists, this week’s issue of the series is a particularly timely piece of required reading.

The Problem With HBO’s Confederate Is That the Legacy of Slavery Isn’t an Alt-History Fantasy, It’s Our Reality

What do you feel when you see the Confederate American flag? For some, it’s a patriotic symbol of their southern American heritage. For many others, though, the Confederate flag is a painful reminder that America’s is a legacy steeped in the blood, pain, and misery of black slaves and their still-living descendants.

The Game of Thrones Showrunners' Next Series Is an Alt-History Where the South Won the Civil War

When David Benioff and D.B. Weiss wrap up Game of Thrones’ upcoming final season, there will still be a number of Westeros-related projects in development at HBO. But the pair’s focus will be elsewhere on the network—specifically on Confederate, a new series about an alternate history where the South successfully…