These Webcomics Are Finding Adventure in How We Navigate Our Everyday Lives

Webcomics arenā€™t a novelty. Nor are they this up-and-coming thing I ā€œhave to tell you about.ā€ They are part of the cultural pantheon, the nerdy landscapeā€”launching successful careers, conventions, and memes that have adorned everything from t-shirts to energy drinks. But sometimes, even when a comics genre is known,ā€¦

Hell No, the UAE Should Not Build a Rain-Making Mountain to Fix Its Water Problems

It sounds like the plot of a summer blockbuster, but the United Arab Emirates is apparently quite serious about building a mountain to increase rainfall in the region. Would it work? Probably. But instead of launching an infrastructure project where a very rich country attempts to dig its way out of a drought, the UAEā€¦

Houston Just Had Its Heaviest Day of Rain Everā€”and More Rain Is Coming

Historic floodingā€”called ā€œbiblicalā€ by almost every news organizationā€”has paralyzed southeast Texas, evacuating neighborhoods, cancelling flights, and closing schools. The heaviest rain fell around Houston, where some areas saw 24-hour rainfall totals of up to 17 inches. At least seven people have died due toā€¦