Watch Chernobyl's Huge Radiation Shield Slide in and Enclose the Damaged Nuclear Reactor

We already saw how the new $1.6 billion sarcophagusā€”the 843-foot wide, 354-foot tall steel shield that entombs the radioactive material leaking from the damaged nuclear reactor left over from the Chernobyl disasterā€”was going to be put in place to replace the old concrete structure that enclosed the damaged reactorā€¦

Iran's New Uranium Production Facility: Because the Rest of the World Wasn't Pissed Off Enough Yet

Taking a page from the North Korean Handbook for Successful International Diplomacy, Iran has recently announced that it is inaugurating a new addition to its Ardakan Yellowcake Production Plant. The facility will handle the processing of the 60 some-odd tons of uranium excavated from the nearby Saghand uranium mineā€¦