Superman's Underwear May Be Back (On the Outside) in Action Comics #1000, But It Might Not Be Staying

When you think of Superman’s costume, what do you think of first? The cape? Fair. The S-Shield? Good one. But you probably also think of red undies, proudly worn outside the blue suit instead of, well, under it. They’ve been gone for a while, and are making a triumphant return soon... but they may not be here for long.

André Courrèges Defined the Shape of Space Age Fashion

David Bowie wasn’t the only icon we lost in the past few days. André Courrèges, the indelible Parisian fashion designer who helped to define the Space Age, also died late last week. Courrèges’ designs formed a huge part of what we think of as “futuristic” sixties fashion, and our ideas of what people would wear in…