New Shazam Rumors Tease Changes to the Big Villain

The Cyborg solo movie will revisit the hero’s origins. Get an even better look at Iron Man’s Avengers: Infinity War armor. Another familiar face could return for the John Wick TV series. Plus, behind the scenes on A Wrinkle in Time, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge on Ron Howard’s take on Solo: A Star Wars Story. Spoilers get!

Stan Against Evil's Finale Unleashes Alternate Realities, Bloodthirsty Witches, and Stripper Jokes

Stan Against Evil wraps up its second season tomorrow night with its last set of back-to-back episodes. We’ve got an exclusive look at the finale, and while there’s no Stan in the clip, it does feature a time-traveling Sheriff Evie (Janet Varney) meeting Deputy Leon (Nate Mooney) for what he thinks is the first time.

Stan Against Evil Returns With More Demons, More Wisecracks, and a Much Better Sense of Itself

Stan Against Evil’s first season was enjoyable, but it suffered due to its undeniable similarities to Ash vs. Evil Dead. With Ash’s next season still AWOL, Stan stands alone in the cranky-old-dude-fighting-demons zone—and happily, IFC’s horror comedy has finally found its footing in season two.

In This Sneak Peek at Stan Against Evil Season Two, There's a Ghoulish Blast From the Past for Our Hero

When we last saw Stan (John C. McGinley), the demon-fighting ex-sheriff of Willard’s Mill, he’d just survived the craziest events of Stan Against Evil’s first season. Unfortunately, he was left unable to remember some very key stuff—which begins to haunt him in this clip from the season two premiere.

Stan Against Evil Gives Us a Peek at Season Two's Monsters and Mayhem

Season one of horror comedy Stan Against Evil packed a ton of witch-slaying into eight fast-paced episodes—and while it wasn’t the most original thing we’d ever seen, star John C. McGinley’s endearingly boorish performance was enough to make us cheer when season two was announced. Now we finally have a new trailer,…

IFC Unearths a Treasure Trove of Cheesy B-Movies for Its Halloween Marathon

Not to be outdone by Syfy’s “31 Days of Halloween,” IFC has its own October gimmick in the works: “Wake Up and Smell the Evil,” which unleashes B-movie horrors every weekend morning this month. That’s right, morning—because nothing goes better with bacon and a hangover than Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster.

Stan Against Evil Looks a Lot Like Ash vs Evil Dead, and We're Totally Okay With That

As soon as we heard about IFC’s horror comedy Stan Against Evil, it reminded us a lot of Ash vs Evil Dead. And now that the first trailer has dropped, we see the similarities even more. Still, Stan—about a retired sheriff (John C. McGinley) who’s reluctantly pressed into service as a demon fighter—looks like it’ll be…