There Are Plans to Bring Modern Superhero Classic Black Hammer to the Big Screen

Kevin Feige talks about Marvel’s plans for The Eternals. There’s wild rumors about who else could join Westworld’s third season. Go behind the scenes on Aquaman’s underwater filming. Plus, the first details from the last two episodes of Doctor Who season 11, and a new look at Elseworlds. Spoilers go!

Updates From Black Widow, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and More

Doctor Sleep adds another young star. The ALF reboot is dead. The Walking Dead’s showrunner hints at some interesting plans to integrate some key stories from the comics. Plus, the first tiny teaser look at the new Child’s Play, a glimpse at Sabrina’s holiday special, and a giant octopus attacks on Legends of Tomorrow

6 Things We Liked about the First Season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (and 6 We Didn't)

The witching hour is upon us. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has arrived. One of the most-anticipated series debuts of the year has flown into our hearts on an eastward wind, but it’s not without its imperfections. On the heels of our review, here are some of the big things we loved about the first season of Chilling

Avengers 4 Set Pictures Tease an Interesting Upgrade for Pepper Potts

Robert Englund thinks he’s got one more Nightmare on Elm Street movie in him. Get a look at the animated adaptation of Reign of the Supermen. Erik Oleson has hopes that Daredevil will get a fourth season. Plus, what’s to come on Black Lightning and The Flash and our best look yet at Star Trek: Discovery’s hairy…

Smartphone Notch, Deepfakes, and Facebook's War Room: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

It’s been a big week for the service journalism here at Gizmodo dot com. We published an exhaustive guide to the 100 websites that shaped the internet as we know it, for better or worse (not you, NASA), regardless of whether this internet thing was all a terrible mistake. We explored how archivists could save history…

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is a Yummy Cup of Witch's Brew in Need of a Few More Ingredients 

As a 30-something woman who grew up with The Craft, Charmed, and (of course) Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina feels like being a teen witch again. Only this time, it’s not magical pancakes or superhero costumes, it’s a dark exploration of Satanic worship and the horrors of the…