An Unlucky-in-Love Man Resorts to Time Travel in This Short Rom-Com, CTRL Z

James Kennedy’s CTRL Z introduces us to best friends Ed and Carrie, as well as Sarah, the object of Ed’s unrequited affections. Can his do-over device (“It’s not a time machine!”) help him win the girl of his dreams—and will Carrie ever forgive him for dragging her along on this weird-science mission?

Stephen Moffat Makes the Drastic Leap From a Time-Traveling Doctor to The Time Traveler’s Wife

Steven Moffat apparently can’t stop making TV shows about time travelers. The former Doctor Who showrunner is heading to HBO with a series based on the novel The Time Traveler’s Wife, about a wife and husband whose relationship is crisscrossed throughout time. Now, where have I heard that before...

This Stunning New Batman Ninja Clip Explains How Gorilla Grodd Sends Gotham's Finest to Feudal Japan

In Warner Bros. Animation’s upcoming Batman Ninja film, the Dark Knight, his allies, and his Rogues Gallery all find themselves suddenly transported back in time from modern-day Gotham to feudal Japan. It’s a wild, curious premise for an adventure, so of course it’s got a weird-as-hell explanation to go with it.

A Time Traveler Evades the Law Again and Again in Scifi Short Echo/Back

In Tristram Geary’s Echo/Back, a strange virus strikes that enables the infected to time travel, but only in very short bursts—mere seconds into the past or future. The results are mostly chaotic, both for the world at large and the film’s protagonist, a thief who uses his strange ability to outmaneuver police in an…