You Can Beam Whatever You Want From My Wallet for These Custom Star Trek: TNG Minifigures 

Unfortunately, back when Star Trek: The Next Generation was airing and ushering in a new generation of Trekkies, Lego hadn’t yet realized the full potential of licensing movies and TV shows for its building sets. As a result, Star Trek: TNG has never officially been available in plastic brick form, but these custom…


The Team Behind the New Star Trek Comic on Bringing The Next Generation (and a Buff Picard) to the Mirror Universe

Star Trek’s Mirror Universe is one of the most enduring storylines across the whole franchise, and will always have a sinisterly-goatee’d place in our hearts. A new IDW comic plans to bring the Next Generation crew to the Mirror Universe—but how? We spoke to the team behind Mirror Broken to learn more.

Expectant Couple Edits Star Trek: The Next Generation Into an Adorable Baby Announcement

Sometimes it seems the real reason some people choose to have kids is so that they can pour all of their pre-baby time and energy into a big “hooray, we’re pregnant!” announcement. YouTuber Nokem came up with a simpler, but utterly fantastic approach that fans of Star Trek: TNG will wish they’d thought of.