Doctor Who's Missy Now Has Two Action Figures, One Far More Petrifying Than The Other

The Master has always been one of Doctor Who’s most manic, dastardly villains—and her current incarnation as Missy, played by the fabulous Michelle Gomez, is no exception. Now she’s getting some pretty nifty action figures, that mania is getting transferred to plastic... and honestly, it looks kind of petrifying.

Hot Toys' Army of The Force Awakens Snowtroopers Are Here To Commandeer Your Wallet

It’s been nearly three weeks since Force Friday came along and ravaged the wallets of Star Wars fans (myself included). Hot Toys nearly delivered a killing blow with the announcement of their first Force Awakens figures that day, but now they’re here to finish your wallet off once and for all with some gorgeous new…

Pepper Potts' Armor Is Finally Getting An Action Figure... But It's Going To Cost You A Lot

It’s been two years since Hasbro revealed their Marvel Legends Rescue figure, their first figure based on Pepper Pott’s armored persona. But then it promptly vanished, never made for sale and leaving fans expecting that Rescue was gone forever. But rejoice! The figure is making a comeback... but it’ll be pricey to get.