11:12 PM

According to Forbes, Microsoft will be giving away 200 bucks of in-store credit to anyone who trades in a used iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Microsoft already has a standing trade-in offer for the iPad, so it's pretty obvious that Microsoft is willing to throw money at you to get you to switch from Apple.

7:31 PM

Apple is going to let people trade in their third party iPhone chargers for an official Apple USB Power Adapter for 10 bucks. So if you want to save $9 off the retail price and/or get rid of possibly faulty chargers, head to an Apple Store starting August 16th with a third party charger and an iPhone, iPad or iPod. [Ap

7:05 PM

Alienware's new AlienExchange program will allow customers to trade in "select electronic devices" in exchange for a gift card or check towards Alienware products. Plus, trading in an old Alienware PC will score you $200 bucks on top of your trade in quote towards a new computer. The way these things are priced, you