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We asked and we received. You faithful readers gave us some info regarding our stinky RAZR predicament. Reader Felix sent us in a little info, their RAZR has gotten the same stank and it is possibly because of being left out in the sun. They also mentioned that there is no way to get rid of the smell, just to cover it up for a couple days at a time. In related news, burchie and thetourist are calling us on our old news by stating that Wal-Marts are already offering the RAZR with Cingular service and it is confirmed in Reno, NV.

Mobile data transfers suck, period. For once there is a general consensus that seems to agree with our rant, basically people are going to give up on all of the bell and whistles of mobile gadgets until they work correctly. Monty makes a good point, the reason the iPod is such a big hit is because any average person (idiot or not) can work the device to its full potential.


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