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Our contests always seem to get you readers all in a fuss, and our earbud clip giveaway is no different. Be sure and check it out and get your vote in. It seems a big handful of you, including Harlan, VinceDee, weatherman, and skippy aren t too happy with the contests or the haiku finalists. Stop the hate guys, it's just a fun giveaway and we will have many a more for you to win cool stuff.

Okay, we know, it may not be from today, but yesterday we asked your input on the Epson digital rangefinder and it's advantages over DSLRs. Well we asked, and we received information from many of you photogs out there via comments and email. A definite advantage this camera has, pointed out by Stephan and FilmJR, is that this camera takes Leica M lenses which opens up the door to a huge selection of lenses. Son of Saskatchewan also gets into a little more detail about the lenses of camera. The SLR cameras have a reflex mirror that rangefinders lack, and according to him the Queen prefers rangefinders because they aren't loud, large and distracting.


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