Give The Gift Of Nifty Skills With These Classes, Kits, And Experiences

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For the loved ones in your life who need a bit of a nudge to get out there and try something new, we've gathered up a collection of gifts that keep on giving: classes, kits, workshops, and phenomenal experiences that will totally blow their minds.

Here's to stoking the creative flames of old folks who want to learn new tricks, of younguns who'd like to expand their how-to horizons, and everyone in between looking to add a little knowledge or just a big good time to their lives next year (and beyond).

This is by no means a definitive list! If you've got amazing workshops or experiences in your area (or have found some good ones online...), share them below! Include the name of the product/class/whatever-it-is, a decent product shot, the price, a link to where it can be actually purchased, and your thoughts on why it would be an awesome pressie for a pal.


If you've got any ideas you'd like to add, just follow this format in the comments:

  • Name and price of the product (please link this to a product page when applicable, so people can easily buy it.)
  • Image or video of the product.
  • A note explaining why you think it's great

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Jordan Kushins

Sorry veggies, this one is... not for you. San Francisco’s 4505 Meats offers a range of butchery classes teaching techniques to chop up everything from hog to beef to lamb, using real tools on real flesh and bone animals. Check their site for schedules and availability here (from $350).

If your giftee is keen to cut but can’t make it to the Bay Area, owner’s Whole Beast Butchery book is a good at-home primer. ($28)