Texas County Shames Drunk Drivers on Twitter

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District Attorney Brett Ligon in Montgomery County, Texas will soon be using his Twitter account to name and shame drunk drivers in his area. Based on his current tweets, this is a comedy goldmine in the making.

The Montgomery DA already tweets about legal events—sometimes seriously and sometimes with incredible humor—so this new program will just be expanding on that habit. I may not live in Montgomery Country, or Texas for that matter, but I'll be following along to see if he keeps up this mix.

What I do wonder is whether this will really be a crime deterrent as the county hopes. While the tradition of newspapers publishing the names of individuals busted for DWIs or DUIs has been going for years, no one seems to care about a bit of local shame. Could easily retweetable blurbs actually make someone think twice about driving like a loon? Or will this have about as much of an effect as tweeting mugshots? [Twitter via PC World]