Norwegian shipping company Simon Møkster Shipping got a brand new offshore platform supply vessel back in August. That might not mean anything to you, but the ship’s bridge is the first to tout a new type of ergonomic design created Rolls-Royce–and it looks like an amazing place to work.

The ship, named Stril Luna, was designed by Rolls-Royce, which equipped its bridge with a system that they call a “Unified Bridge,” an ergonomic concept for ship management that, judging by the photos recently released by Rolls-Royce, is a futuristic vision of how ships are piloted that looks more like an office or gaming setup than a bridge.

The development of this cutting edge system took three years and was designed with the comfort of the captain in mind, Rolls-Royce says:

The Unified Bridge presents a physical work environment adapted to a person’s natural movements, representing a new, ergonomic approach to all the activity required on the bridge of a vessel.

A sister ship, due for delivery in 2016, will be equipped with this system too, and don’t forget that engineers at Rolls-Royce are working on the oX Bridge, the future brain of autonomous ocean-going vessels.