Even though I’m not a car buff, oldtimer car shows and exhibitions attract me. One reason is hood ornaments—a distinctive aspect of each automobile that beautifully combines art, design and typography.

Hood ornaments and badges make the cars recognisable, and in the golden decades, the 40s, 50s, and 60s, these ornaments were little masterpieces.


The following pieces were photographed at a Hungarian Oldtimer cars exhibition in April, and include a mix of classic American and Eastern and Western European car ornaments. Which one do you like the most? Dodge’s and Pontiac’s art deco sculptures? Volga or Chrysler? Also please share your favourite hood ornament in the discussions if you feel like!

Škoda 1000 MB Deluxe (Czechoslovakia, 1966)

Škoda Felicia (Czechoslovakia, 1959)

Csepel D450 truck (Hungary, 1957)

Wartburg 311 Coupe (GDR, 1964)

Volga M21 (USSR, 1962)

Bentley MK VI (UK, c1950)

Jaguar Mark V Saloon (UK, 1950)

Fiat 124 Spyder Abarth (Italy, 1981)

Chrysler Series 52 (USA, 1928)

Moskvitch 401 (USSR, 1947)

Chrysler Imperial CI (USA, 1932)

Chevrolet Impala (USA, 1960)

Imperial (USA, 1958)

Chevrolet Master Deluxe (USA, 1938)

Ford Model-A Coupe (USA, 1928)

Pontiac Streamliner Eight Deluxe Sedan (USA, 1950)

Dodge Luxury Liner (USA, 1941)

Photos: Attila Nagy/Gizmodo