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Mark Zuckerberg's Wife Can't Control His New Home Assistant

Image: AP
Image: AP

Mark Zuckerberg continues making news on his Italy trip, the latest being an update on the AI he’s building to help around the house. The Facebook founder revealed he’ll be ready to demo the assistant he’s been working on throughout 2016 next month. He also revealed that, “much to [her] chagrin,” his wife Priscilla cannot use the technology quite yet.


After giving the Pope a nice model aircraft, the 32-year-old college dropout revealed at during a Townhall Q&A in Rome that he’s already using the robot’s facial recognition feature to scan his face while he opens and closes his home’s gates, which he calls “pretty fun.” He described the experience with a cheeky nod to its present limiations—emphasis ours.

“I got it to this point where now I can control the lights,” Zuck said. “I can control the gates. I can control the temperature, much to the chagrin of my wife who now cannot control the temperature because it is programmed to only listen to my voice. Which is one of the perks of being an engineer — you can do that. I’ll give her access once I’m done.


It’s great that the robot—which he’s said works as “kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man”—could one day make Mark’s morning toast. But what about poor Priscilla? Does she get to turn on the AC during this summer’s heat waves? More importantly, can she leave the house without her husband’s face getting scanned until he works the kinks out?

Watch the event below and judge for yourself.

[Business Insider]

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That just sounds creepy for Zuckerberg to have sole control of the AI in the home shared with his wife.

Priscilla, knock on the wall twice if you need help.