Dear Brian and the Airbnb team, Usually I am a fan of your service. However, I have a minor bone to pick with you, in that it appears my apartment was reserved for some major boning.

Also, it appears some stuffed animals were abused. We'll get to the damage to my furniture and belongings – but first you're gonna love this


You just sent a porn sex fest into my apartment, and now I've got over $87,076 in losses. I had to call 911 and have these "XXX Freak Fest" people removed from my apartment, my super is having me evicted by my landlord, and I do not feel safe here anymore since hundreds of people got a text saying there's an XXX sex fest in my apartment and continue showing up, according to the doormen who I'll never be able to look in the face again.

This individual, "David", said he was hosting his "brother and sister in law" for a "wedding" when in fact he was hosting a "XXX Freak Fest" as shown here in this twitter "tweet":

That's my apartment!

Notice how he fails to mention the "XXX Freak Fest" when he writes:


I am looking for a place for my brother and sister in law who visiting for a wedding this weekend. I just don't have the space for them.

You will notice that "David" gave Airbnb (and me via Airbnb) a certain cell phone number where he could be reached. The same cell phone number is seen here to call "TWINN" for the location of a "BBW PANTY RAID PARTY" in a post by "The Black Dr. Ruth". (You have to respect her "old fashionness" in the use of touch-tone phone and monochrome film. )

Ms. "Munch Da Mouth", as this "Dr. Ruth" is known (I am unsure if she has a PhD or MD? Perhaps she is a Chiropractor – you can't trust those folks.) is an "aspiring adult literary author", and I wish her luck conquering words like, "back ground."

I do not believe among the 18 large, heavyset men and women who were in informal attire gathered in my apartment, disassembling my furniture, (and those who kept appearing outside on the street, barred from the building by my very disturbed superintendent) that there were any brothers or "sister in law"s preparing for a wedding.


I would think a good way to annoy a sister-in-law is to involve her in an "XXX Freak Fest". But, you know, in-laws!

Anyway, the issue at hand is my home and my things.

Let's start with "things" which were broken, disassembled and moved into the back alley behind my apartment and tossed on dirty, wet tar, because it apparently takes a maximum amount of space for a, "XXX Freak Fest."

Among the things you will need to replace & damages you'll need to cover:

[redacted for safety and privacy]

Now here's the bigger deal: I'm being evicted and I'm unsafe.

I enjoy a "Festival" as much as the next fellow, but this is a family building and some people don't enjoy having their neighbor's worldly possessions tossed in a pile into the common area, while a group of strangers form a pile to have their private areas tossed. As such, I'm going to be evicted.

You're going to pay my moving expenses, because my landlord is certainly going to make me move after an "XXX Freak Fest" (and I can't look these guys in the eye after this either).

You sent an "XXX Freak Fest" into my home and told me it was a "Verified" person with positive reviews. I had to call the police, and I will file a report.

This can no longer be my home. The stress and fear that a large band of "XXX Freak Fest" individuals have my address and keys to my home is unreal and my friend (who helped me carry my wet and dirty stuff back into the apartment (I don't even want to know how it's wet) was even too afraid to stay here and encouraged me to leave. The super is also working to have me evicted.


All because I trusted Airbnb that this individual was a "Verified" member with multiple positive reviews (which I now suspect are fake or unaware of how their home was raped).


Editor's note: Airbnb reached out to Gizmodo with the following statement when asked for comment:

Over 11 million guests have had a safe and positive experience on Airbnb and problems for hosts and guests are incredibly rare, but when they happen, we try to help make things right. We were appalled when we learned about this incident and we took immediate action to help this host. The individual who rented this space has been permanently removed from our site. We've reimbursed the host for damages to his apartment and ensured he has a new place to stay. In the days ahead, we'll continue to work with the host to assist him with his additional needs and we will work cooperatively with any law enforcement agencies that investigate this matter.

Additionally, Ari Teman provided an email to Gawker, indicating that Airbnb has arranged for him to stay in a hotel, hired a locksmith, and wired him $23,817 in compensation for the issue.

Ari Teman is a comedian and founder of 12gurus:Charity and 12gurus:Health conferences. You can follow him on Twitter at @AriTeman. This story has been republished from Dear Airbnb with permission.

Top image by Pete Spiro/Shutterstock