Check out Action Bronson's recipe for weed sprinkled pizza

Rapper and food enthusiast Action Bronson and his crew take us on a tour to their favorite midnight munchies snacks in New York. From the Spicy chicken Drums From Heaven in Queens, to the ultimate stoner creation: The beets and ricotta pizza sprinkled with freshly ground weed, in Williamsburg.

Watch him make the pizza at the 13:50 mark.

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Call me stupid, but unless the THC is somehow bound to the food(e.g. boiling it in water and butter so it binds to fats of the butter), doesn't the body just metabolize it through your kidney's with no effect? This was my understanding, so wouldn't sprinkling weed on a pizza in theory have no high effect at all? Isn't that just wasting weed?

Guess it's a good thing that this isn't a regularly offered dish at the place, just something that Action decided to foolishly do.