Watch the furthest flight ever flown on a real life hoverboard

The Guinness World Records says that Catalina Alexandru Duru just pulled off the farthest flight ever traveled on a real life hoverboard: 905 feet and 2 inches. You can see him rise up 16 feet in the air on the hoverboard and then start cruising through the air over a lake with nothing but invisible underneath him in the video below.


The hoverboard Duru uses is more like a super powerful quadcopter-type hoverboard and not a hoverboard in the Back to the Future sense but it’s still pretty awesome. And also, the added bonus of not using BTTF-style? This one works over water.

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The 1957 Hiller Flying Platform ran on gasoline engines and was capable of sustained flight for as long as the fuel lasted. The pilot maneuvered by simply leaning in the direction he wanted to go. The Army evaluated it for battlefield use, but rejected it because it was too stable; its aerodynamics limited it to about 15 mph forward speed.