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The Apple Watch Screen Is Smaller Than the Original Promo Video Showed

Illustration for article titled The Apple Watch Screen Is Smaller Than the Original Promo Video Showed

Apple's just released a new version of its Apple Watch design video. While that's not newsworthy in itself, it's interesting to note that it's also reduced the screen size of the watch that's on display, too.


A very keen-eyed 9to5mac reader noticed that the watch in the newly released video features a larger bezel and smaller screen than first showed off by Apple. It's not a huge difference, but it is noticeable—and every little counts when you've the tiniest of screens of your wrist.

It's perhaps not terribly surprising. The video is seemingly based on renders, so it's easy to tweak, and given that Apple has a hell of a job ahead of it to make this watch work in reality, some features are bound to have to give between now and a commercial release. Elsewhere, the updated video appears to show a few UI tweaks, too—but they're very, very minor.


For now, though, all that we can do is wait and see how the Apple Watch transforms from refined prototype to consumer device. Well, we hope. [ 9to5mac via Engadget]

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Apple lied. Quelle Surprise, no news here.