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The Average Man, Rendered and Visualized

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Say hello to Todd. Todd, on the far left, is literally Mr Average: the most typical of American men based on averages from CDC anthropometric data. How do you compare?

Rendered by James Hamblin for The Atlantic, Todd is somewhere between 30 to 39, has a BMI of 29, is five-feet-nine-inches tall, and has 39-inch waist. He's just shy of the medical definition of obese. Hamblin compares to Todd to the average guy from other countries:

Though in his face this reads lonesome, Todd does have three international guyfriends. They met at a convention for people with perfectly average bodies, where each won the award for most average body in their respective country: U.S., Japan, Netherlands, and France. The others' BMIs, based on data from each country's national health centers, are 23.7 [Japan], 25.2 [Netherlands], and 25.6 [France].


All of which are rather more healthy than Todd. You can read more about the rendering and how they were made over on the Atlantic. [Atlantic via Flowing Data]