The Best of Gizmodo This Week

This week we upped our security game, obsessed a bit over smartphones, sequenced the genetic material in an apartment, and literally saw the future of VR. Here's a look back.

Everything We Think The Apple Watch Can Do


The Apple Watch is one of the more intriguing pieces of hardware to come out of Cupertino for some time. It was long-awaited, and at first glance, well-received. So what is it that we've exactly been waiting for all this time? Is this the one smartwatch to rule them all or just another in a long line of "meh?"

Not Even Science Could Explain the Bacteria In My Apartment

Three years ago, I gently brushed fiber-tipped swabs against the surfaces of my tiny New York apartment. Microbes live everywhere, and I was gathering samples for genetic analysis — I wanted to identify my microscopic housemates.

9 Facts About Computer Security That Experts Wish You Knew


Every day, you hear about security flaws, viruses, and evil hacker gangs that could leave you destitute — or, worse, bring your country to its knees. But what's the truth about these digital dangers? We asked computer security experts to separate the myths from the facts. Here's what they said.

HTC Vive: Virtual Reality That's So Damn Real I Can't Even Handle It


I saw the future today. I mean that. I got the chance here at MWC to try the new VR headset that Valve and HTC are developing. Is it good? It's absolutely incredible. This thing is god you guys I can't even.

Disable Flash


You know Flash? Haven't thought about it in a while, have you. For good reason! It's less useful and less relevant than ever. It's worth thinking about it one last time though—as you go to disable it in your web browser. Here's how and why you should.

I Can't Stop Using This Shitty App That I Hate


That goddamn app. Even though it's ugly and incomprehensible and barfs useless notifications at me, I keep using it. When I touch its stupid icon on my screen, it's a hate tap. It's a finger cringe. But I can't quit!

NotCulus Rift: How I Hacked Together My Own Serious VR Headset


Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey told me not to buy an Oculus Rift. That was two years ago, and he's repeated the plea every time I've seen him since. Don't buy it. It's not ready. It's just a developer kit. He's right, but I'm tired of waiting. I want a VR headset and I want it now. So I built one. Sorta.

Welcome to the Rural Town That Wants to Build a Hyperloop Utopia


What do cities look like in the world of Hyperloop transit? Will supersonic travel turn our cities into vast, intermodal suburbs? And what about the edge towns that once bled into the country, fed by car travel—will they empty out and decay, eliminated by a new form of transportation that bypasses them?

Your New Galaxy S6 Will Have a Built-In Expiration Date


Your smartphone's battery life won't last forever. Today, your digital companion might work all day long, then party late into the evening—but a year from now, you'll almost certainly have depleted a substantial portion of its capacity. What happens when your phone no longer lasts the day? Time to replace the battery! But with Samsung's new Galaxy S6, that's not going to be easy.

Am I the Only Person Here Who Goes Phone-Spotting?


I think about smartphones more than any normal person should. I could say it's part of my job as a gadget blogger to think of these things with irregular frequency, but that would really be a cover up, a convenient lie. The truth is I'm naturally obsessed, and I indulge that obsession to a creeptacular degree.

Found: A Legendary Lost Civilization Buried In the Honduran Rainforest


The City of the Monkey God. La Ciudad Blanca, or The White City. All the names given to the lost city rumored to exist in a pristine Honduran rainforest sound mythical, but National Geographic reports that now we have evidence that the legendary city was real.

Why Hillary Clinton's Homebrew Email Is a Political Nightmare


You've probably heard: Hillary Clinton used a private, personal email address for all of her official business as Secretary of State. She didn't even have a State Department email address. As a result, her email was far from secure — and that is a big problem, but it's not the only one.

The Secret Weather Manipulation Program of the Vietnam War


"It's too bad the Post Office isn't as efficient as the Weather Service," Doc Brown says in the 1989 movie Back to the Future: Part II, referring to the fact that the weather could be manipulated by the government. But was that vision of the future really that futuristic?

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