The Fastest Way to Solve a Rubik's Cube Is To Set It On Fire

Illustration for article titled The Fastest Way to Solve a Rubiks Cube Is To Set It On Fire

There's a reason the internet becomes one, big, flaming yule log on Christmas Eve; there's something indescribably soothing in that cleansing, all-consuming blaze. And this flaming Rubik's cube is just like that yule log. If the yule log had spent five years pissing you off.

We've cooled a bit on the once-beloved antics of a certain Red Hot Nickel Ball here at Gizmodo, but man, this one feels good. Everyone's spent at least some time with the six-sided blight on the human nervous system known as the Rubik's Cube, which means that everyone's also spent some time throwing the tiny devil square into a wall. This is better than that.


So sit back, hold your loved ones close, and watch with glee as all your frustrations and worries go up in a cloud of (likely highly toxic) flames. Rubik's Cube solved. [Digg]

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This is my preferred solution. Lick and stick, and it's "solved", good as new.