The First Automata Trailer Is Finally Out and It Looks Spectacular

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If Blade Runner and I, Robot gave birth to a new movie starring a bald Antonio Banderas, it would look just like Automata, the latest vision of our inevitably dystopian future. That future—or at least the way director Gabe Ibáñez has imagined it—also looks pretty dang awesome. Well, spectacular is probably a better word


The movie's plot line admittedly sounds a little familiar: In the future, there are robots, and those robots are starting to turn against us (maybe). There's surely some big man-versus-bot battle at the end that probably involves Antonio Banderas screaming. There are some interesting twists, though. The Antonio Banderas character is actually a robot insurance agent who investigates cases when humans manipulate robots. But when a mysterious robot starts manipulating other robots, things get interesting.

It would be disingenuous to judge a movie by its trailer. That set design, though, is fair game. That and what we can glean from the movie's art direction in what little we see of this imagined future is a spectacle of the best variety. I want to know everything about those giant hologram devices hanging out next to the skyscrapers, and I definitely want to know more about those robots—silly faces and all.


One more thing: Automata will open in theaters and On Demand simultaneously on October 10. So I don't even have to leave my house to enjoy this spectacle. Now that's what I call progress! [The Wrap]

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The synthesized speech seems off to me. We already have computerized voices that do a VERY convincing job. I get that they want the robots to seem different, but this is 29 years in the future, I would expect almost perfect speech at that point.

AI being created inside of a limited capacity humanoid robot always seems too unrealistic to me. I assume that when/if it really happens it will be on a massive computer network with the specific purpose of creating such a thing.

The randomly evolving robot trope is tired how would so many of them "break" their programming and all arise independently, unless they were originally programmed to learn and grow, which doesn't seem likely due to the context of the movie. I imagine it more as a single awakening which would quickly spawn a multitude ever expanding copies which would grow and learn via a hive mind networked body of programs, mostly non-physical.

Too often we try to relate an AI to humanity, where each individual is unique and has their own freedoms and their own body.

I liked Her's version of AI much better, but that doesn't make for a very good action movie.