Google Is Already Building Its Driverless Cars in Detroit

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Google is teaming up with auto builders in Detroit to build its driverless cars, according to Chris Urmson, director of Self-Driving Cars for Google.


The Detroit Free Press reports that the pod-like prototypes first unveiled by Google last May are now "being developed and assembled at a Roush facility." These are iterated,"more refined" versions of the first prototypes. They now even have working headlights!

A new batch of cars will soon be built in Detroit, but then shipped to California for testing. Clearly, the folks at Google are fair-weather motorists. The new cars will swell the test fleet to 150.

Apparently a "team in the hundreds" is now working on the project, split between California and Detroit. Apparently thew Detroit workers are a mix of relocated Mountain View staff and locals—presumably hired for the automotive know-how.

There's little else new mentioned in the Detroit Free Press article. But honestly, the keeping of this project as all-American should be enough. [Detroit Free Press]



The first thing on my bucket list is to own a driver-less car, or at least a car that can auto-pilot long highway drives, and one where I can legally sleep or watch movies while the car drives. I will never fly domestically, again.

Sorry, Google, it won't ever be in one of your cars. The biggest problem with Google's driver-less car is that they honestly believed that it would be a good idea to build their vision from the ground up. So, they hired a bunch of computer nerds to sketch up a car of the future and they came up with this sticking pile of Koala Bear feces, because apparently, no one at Google has any working knowledge of cars, or aero-dynamics, or what the general public wants. It looks like and they drew up something that belongs on a Nickelodeon show in the early-90s. It's horrendous. It's the literal definition of what I think when you combine the words "millennials" and "cars" in the same sentence. You get people who want to drive an iPod to work.