The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery's Third Season Sets Course for a New Future

Welcome to the future of the Federation... what’s left of it.
Welcome to the future of the Federation... what’s left of it.
Image: CBS

The climax of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season was explosive in more ways than one: Michael Burnham, the Discovery, and her crew were catapulted into a future so far beyond anything previously seen in a Trek TV show. Now, we’ve finally got a solid glimpse at what that brave new universe looks like.


Turns out, things aren’t going too well in the future. We already knew thanks to teases at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year that the Discovery does not complete its time jump exactly where it expected itself to be, but beyond that, it seems like the future’s in rough shape.

An internationally-viewable version of the trailer can be found here.

Only six stars on the Federation flag? Evil Andorians? Mirror Georgiou back in her Starfleet getup? And just what’s with all those Michaels? After leaving their lives in Star Trek’s past behind, it’s up to the Discovery to bring some hope to this farthest-flung future.

Star Trek: Discovery’s third season heads to CBS All Access in 2020, as well as Space in Canada and Netflix elsewhere internationally. Meanwhile, back in Discovery’s old timeline, it was also announced at NYCC that the first entry in the next set of Star Trek: Short Treks miniepisodes, “Q&A”—which shows us ensign Spock’s first day aboard the Enterprise—is available to watch right now on CBS All Access. check out a preview below!


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The Constable

This kind of confirms my worst fears about the direction of the show. One consistent thread throughout each series is that no matter our present shortcomings, we aren’t doomed to oblivion; we make it out of our infancy and create a better world.

This shows that dream is doomed to failure. The Federation collapses into dystopia.

The best outcome here is that this is something like Trek’s version of Asimov’s Foundation, with the Discovery crew in the role of Seldon’s followers. In fact, that’s likely the story here. It’s just unfortunate that to get it the writers had to smash apart one of the things that made Trek unique.