The Future Is Force Sensitive in This Adorable Star Wars Fan Video

Lightsaber duels are cool.
Lightsaber duels are cool.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Rivalries between family members, or those like family, are not unusual in the Star Wars universe. Father against son, Master versus Padawan; that’s normal stuff. So brother versus sister, yeah, that tracks. But those rivalries are rarely this cute.


In Star Wars: Revenge of the Sis, created by director Matt Silverman, two young siblings use the Force and the power of the Jedi’s greatest weapon, the lightsaber, to fight about the sort of stuff siblings usually fight about. Like who gets to play with what Star Wars toys. Then a duel, and some Force powers, and a really cute time.

The film, starring Silverman’s children, Amelia and Arthur, is, according to Silverman, based on his own experience with his children. “Watching them spar (and playing a lot of Jedi: Fallen Order myself) inspired this project, and a lot of research into practical and VFX,” he said.

I remember doing this myself. Fighting with toy swords is, as a kid, just about the coolest thing in the world, and lightsabers are even cooler. We’re in the depths of another round of dreadful Star Wars discourse as opinions on The Rise of Skywalker are incredibly split (for pretty good reason, though, if we’re being honest), and this is a nice reminder to not take the whole thing so seriously. After all: Star Wars is for kids.

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