The Gadgets We Really Want This Year

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We see a lot of gadgets here at Gizmodo. And as the holidays come barreling towards us, we like to offer some of them up as ideas for gifts you can give to the special folks in your life. But this isn't that; this is the stuff we want. Oh and we want it so bad.

If you've got any ideas (i.e. stuff you want) you'd like to add, just follow this format in the comments:

  • Name and price of the product (please link this to a product page when applicable, so people can easily buy it.)
  • Image or video of the product.
  • A note explaining why we should want it too.

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Matt Novak

Doxie Flip Portable Scanner ($150)

This new portable scanner from Doxie looks amazing. With the amount of scanning that I do of old documents, this would vastly improve my life — especially when I find something cool at the library. It can scan up to 600 dpi, which is fantastic.

Doxie Flip Cordless Scanner (Amazon)