The incredibly sweet adventures of two superheroines in love

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A superhero's life is filled with danger and excitement, but Kat Leyh's Supercakes comics tend to focus on the quieter moments in the lives of two superpowered ladies whose relationship is starting to become more serious.


A year and a half ago, Leyh posted her short story Pancakes, a simple slice-of-life comic about Molly and May, her superheroic couple. Since then, she has added a few more moments in the lives of these ladies, with May recounting the story of how her powers manifested and a coffee run that turns suddenly exciting. Most recently, she added Welcome to the Family, a slightly longer story in which May takes Molly to meet her family, which brings up some troubling memories of Molly's own past. It's a feel-good comic about home life and family dynamics in a world of superpowers, and Leyh promises there are more installments ahead.

Supercakes [Kat Leyh via CallMeKitto]



Why is hero a gendered word? I've never understood that. And why does the female form have to sound like heroin. What's even going on.