The Internet Really Isn't A Permanent Archive

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Welcome to this week’s Reading List, our weekly collection of interesting science and technology stories from around the internet. This week, we’ll delve into the seedy world of online gambling, consider the transitory nature of the internet, and more.

  • We tend to think of the internet as a worldwide repository of instantly accessible information and culture, but it was never designed as an archive, and storage on the internet is an ephemeral thing. How much of the early internet could be lost forever to history? [The Atlantic]
  • Ditching nude photos doesn’t mean the end for Playboy. The magazine’s brand - and the company’s income - are based on licensing its iconic logo, not selling nude pictures, and licensing might actually benefit from the move away from nudes. [Wired]
  • It’s easy to overlook clothes hangers; they’re just sort of there - holding up your clothes, sometimes getting tangled up or stepped on, but they have a long and colorful history as political and cultural symbols. [Vice]
  • Fantasy football betting is growing more popular by the day, but the offshore sites that take those daily bets are unregulated, and many are hovering in a gray area of legality. What makes online gambling regulations so hard to enforce? [The New York Times]

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The internet tends to delete what you most wish would be preserved, and retain what you most wish would be deleted. It’s the worst possible combination of ephemeral and eternal.