The Kindle Fire Is Sold Out

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The Kindle Fire is sold out, Amazon says. Oh that's funny. Maybe that means we will get those new Amazon tablets next week after all.


We've been anticipating a refresh for a while, and Amazon announced this morning that its best-selling device is no longer available. There's an Amazon event next week, so perhaps we'll have some new stuff to fawn over in a few days. What exactly might that be? We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of the launch of the original Kindle Fire, so we're anticipating a possible second-gen 7-inch Kindle Fire, in addition to a brand new 10-inch Kindle Fire, as well as front-lit Kindle Touches. We'll be at the Amazon shindig next Thursday with all the news. [Amazon]


Harry Sawyers

What features (and price) would make you consider buying a new Kindle Fire?