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The Klingons Are Coming to Sweden and You Can Join Them for a Cultural Exchange

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although Klingons are fierce and warrior-like as a culture, their latest expansion into Earth territory isn’t as hostile as you might expect—because weirdly enough, they’re setting up shop in Sweden for a new cultural center dedicated to teaching us humans about Klingon life.

Opening next month in Stockholm, the Institute of Klingon Cultural Exchange is running a “Visit Qo’noS” event featuring live performances from dedicated fans of Star Trek’s iconic warrior species—ahem, sorry, esteemed members of the Imperial Houses of Duras and Klag—inviting audiences to experience the ever-growing world of Klingon culture. There will be opera, of course, as well as Terran-Klingon learning sessions to get to grips with the etiquette and language of the Klingons. There’ll likely be gagh, given there’s nebulous offers of food for the proceeds, too.

But really, it’s more of an opportunity to sit down and enjoy some very dedicated Trek fans flaunting their Klingon know-how and just having some fun. If you find yourself in Sweden and want to trade in traditional touristy sights for some angry, armor-clad aliens, the institute is currently offering tickets for performances starting from February 3 to March 24.