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WTF: Mass Murderer James Holmes Receives Flowery Fan Mail

Illustration for article titled WTF: Mass Murderer James Holmes Receives Flowery Fan Mail

It’s probably not surprising, given how many notorious inmates get hitched when they’re behind bars, but it’s definitely stomach-turning: Colorado theater shooter James Holmes, recently sentenced to life without parole, gets tons of fan mail.


According to the Associated Press, prosecutors shared 200 pages of mail sent to Holmes before and during his trial for murdering 12 people (and wounding dozens more). The letters were mostly from women, some of whom apparently have deep pockets:

Holmes has always had a following of supporters, mostly young women, who attended his court appearances and created websites devoted to his case. He received more than $4,600 from people not believed to be family members, the Arapahoe County sheriff’s office said.

In letters, some women professed their love for him. Others offered prayers or scribbled poems. Still others wrote pages and pages detailing the mundanities of their personal lives. Sheriff’s deputies rejected some of the mail because it contained lipstick marks or perfume.

Many also sent photos of themselves, which Holmes’ taped to his cell walls, sheriff’s deputies testified during the trial.


The families of the victims are, unsurprisingly, disgusted by the Holmes fan club; the AP likens his followers to the people (again, mostly women) who idolize Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

One pen pal even referenced the garishly dyed coiffure Holmes sported when he committed his crime:

One Holmes supporter in Nashville, Tennessee, wrote that she was “knitting a scarf the color of your hair.”

To which all we can say is: yikes.

Photo: RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via AP, Pool, File


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So I guess Bill Hicks was right: “I tell you, Satan’s gonna have no trouble taking over here ‘cause all the women are gonna say: ‘What a cute butt.’ ‘He’s Satan!’ ‘You don’t know him like I do.’ ‘He’s the Prince of Darkness!’ ‘I can change him.’”