The 2020 Olympics will be held in either Istanbul, Madrid, or Tokyo, but no matter where they're held, the logo will be boring. There's a 66-percent chance the logo is going to be some stupid flower crap.

How did this happen? Indecision and fear. Brand New describes the arduous bidding process, which results in countries simultaneously trying to jam the logo designs full of conceptual content while making every effort not to offend anybody's sensibilities.


This caution is somewhat justified in light of some recent scandals. You might remember that the London games in 2012 were mocked and criticized because the logo looked like one figure performing fellatio on another. And let's not forget the embarrassment Vancouver felt in 2010 when it turned out its Olympic mascots kinda sorta looked disturbingly at home next to a creepy Pedobear—so much so that a Polish newspaper published the prank image below.

So the 2020 bids are all being a little pusillanimous about their design choices, and the resulting logos are at once confused and bland. Take, for example, the Istanbul bid's design. It's a tulip, a traditional symbol for the city, combined with a skyline in a logo that looks like a bad Georgia O'Keeffe knock-off. In fact, all of these logos kind of have Georgia O'Keeffe vibe to them, huh? Wait, but isn't her work also a little...suggestive? LOOK CLOSELY WHAT DO YOU SEE? Oops. A look back at the logos of yore would seem to indicate that we can do better.


When the International Olympic Organizing Committee picks the 2020 host city on September 7th, we're going to get stuck with one of these. So which logo do you like best? [Brand New via BI]