The Most Accurate Map of NCAA College Basketball Fandom

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Like it or not, Facebook is a pretty good barometer if what people like. So it's fun when it gathers up its considerable data troves and spits out maps of stuff we like. Today it broke down the fans of teams in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

The data uses simple Likes for the team pages:

Over 1 million US Facebook users have liked a page for one of the 68 teams attending the tournament. By mapping out where these fans currently live we can see how regions and states will be dividing their loyalty and filling out their brackets this March.


The data is broken down further into different categories. Above is how many and where fans liked teams by conference. But Facebook also went by bracket Region, individual #1 seeds, and by rivalries. And if you're more interested in predictions, Nate Silver's 538 forecasts went up this morning.

Here are a few fun bits from the rest of the data:

  • The biggest support for a Cinderella is for (16) seeds Liberty and NC A&T
  • The ACC has an oddly strong foothold in the western and middle America states
  • Gonzaga has a huge hometown advantage in all the cities it might play in in its region
  • The entire country, perversely, wants Duke to win the Midwest. Louisville has a hometown advantage, though.
  • Indiana is the most popular #1 seed, taking higher population density areas.

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