The Most Satisfying Site on the Internet Lets You Win Solitaire Without Ever Playing

Besides killing a few hours at work, what keeps most people playing Windows Solitaire is the incredibly satisfying finale where all the cards fall and bounce across the bottom of the window when you win. But thanks to developer Ricardo Cabello, you no longer have to win—or even play—to enjoy it.


Just visit his Click and Win! site and you’ll probably figure out what you need to do next. Getting any work done for the next 1o minutes, however, is not something you’ll be doing.

[Click and Win! via BoingBoing]



*Shakes Cane*

Back in my day, we had to work for that screen, we wouldn’t just get a handout from some welfare site.

No we’d sit for hours and hours as work reports and excel spreadsheet piled up and we’d miss meeting with the boss to get that virtual solitaire stack organized. These new kids just don’t know what it feels like to have earned a solitaire glitch win.

Get off my lawn!