The New Trailer for Pixar's Onward Is Filled With Suburban Fantasy...and Half a Dad?

An elvish Tom Holland and the... better half of his dad? Dunno, hard to say.
An elvish Tom Holland and the... better half of his dad? Dunno, hard to say.
Image: Disney/Pixar

Pixar’s new movie has uh, some weird things about it beyond just the modern-day elves.


The beloved animation studio just released its first full trailer for Onward, starring Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as two elven brothers, Ian and Barley, who after turning 16 are given a magical staff by their mother (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus). The staff, a gift from their dead father, houses a “visitation” spell, which lets the brothers summon their father’s spirit back to the mortal realm for 24 hours, letting them spend one last day with him...or it should. If they get the spell right.

Which they sort of do? Well, half right.

And so Ian and Barley go on their bold quest, filled with angry pixies, feral unicorns, and fantasy cops. And the aforementioned half-a-dad. It’s like Weekend at Bernie's with only half the corpse!

Onward hits theaters in 2020.

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In normal Pixar fashion this is probably going to be an emotional vortex wrapped up in an otherwise fun adventure.