The New Windows Blue Screen of Death Has... a QR Code?

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Welcome to the future. A future where the Windows Blue Screen of Death now features a QR code as well as a sad face.

The Register reports that the latest developer build of Windows 10—that’s build 14316, if you’re counting—now features a URL that you can follow, using your phone, to help you get to the bottom of exactly what’s gone wrong. But it doesn’t just use text, instead opting to offer you the choice of scanning a much-maligned QR code instead. The link currently points to a single web page describing common causes of BSOD, but presumably it could be tweaked to actually give specifically useful advice in the future.

Despite being super smart, the QR code hah had a turbulent history, having never quite caught on in the way many of its early proponents hoped it might. But hey, if it features on the BSOD, people will will see a whole lot more of it in the future.


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Windows 10 bsod are so unhelpful. “Something went wrong” shit tell me exactly which error so I can fix it. Maybe it'll be more helpful now.