The Next DC Universe Streaming Show Will Be Stargirl

Stargirl rides into action for her very own TV show
Stargirl rides into action for her very own TV show
Image: DC Universe

Thought that Titans trailer was the only DC Universe show we’d be hearing about today? Think again: Geoff Johns just revealed one of his myriad upcoming projects is a show based around Justice Society of America superhero Stargirl.


Johns, who revealed the project today at San Diego Comic-Con, will write and executive produce the 13-episode series, following the adventures of Courtney Whitmore, the original Stargirl, as she inspires an unlikley group of young heroes to come together and form the original superhero team, the Justice Society of America.

This isn’t Stargirl’s first live-action rodeo, of course—an iteration of the character made an appearance in Legends of Tomorrow’s second season, played by Sarah Grey (and appeared on Smallville even before that.) But Johns said this will be a younger-skewing re-imagining of the character, meaning DC will most likely be looking for a new actress to play the hero. Additionally, the producer promised a lighter, PG-13 tone for Stargirl in comparison to what fans saw of Titans earlier today, describing the vibe he was aiming for as “Superman the Movie and Wonder Woman.” Sounds good to us!

We’ll bring you more on Stargirl and Johns’ other projects as we learn it.

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I’d kill for a Starman series, too, please.