The Perfect Weekend Bag Transforms Into a Pre-Stocked Hanging Shelf

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If you hate living out of your suitcase when you travel, but are also just too damn lazy to hang stuff up or fill a drawer, these Rise & Hang bags are the perfect solution to your biggest traveling gripe. The $99 Weekender bag uses the company's patented collapsible shelving system, so all you need to find is a secure place to hang it and you're instantly unpacked.

The Weekender does require a little extra planning in the packing phase, instead of just balling everything up and cramming it into your bag. But the payoff is that everything will be easy to find—and mostly unwrinkled—when you get to your destination. And as an added bonus, your clothing is less susceptible to infiltration by bed bugs and other unwanted traveling companions while it's hanging. [Rise & Hang Travel Gear via Fancy]